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During the 1980’s, the agency began to focus toward the development of programs that would promote self-sufficiency by working with the family as a unit and linking agency programs together to provide a coordinated approach to services. The Home Health Program, which began in 1982, provided in-home health care by Rns LPNs, and certified Home Health Aides. CADC was the first community action agency in the state to become a certified Home Health Agency. Prior to the passage of the Family Support Act at the federal level and the involvement of the state at the local level, CADC began operation of Project Independence in 1985. This program was designed to successfully move persons off welfare.

One of the most innovative and successful programs developed was the JTPA tutoring program. Beginning in 1987, JTPA eligible youths were trained by public school teachers to provide tutoring services to public school students identified by the school as needing this assistance. This effort has become a model project of remedial education to help schools meet new education standards. CADC began a JTPA Youth Competency Program for at-risk and drop-outs in 1989. Project Achievement included basic education skill training, pre-employment and work maturity competencies, work experience, on-the-job training and placement.

In 1989, SCAT was one of the first in the state to participate in the Greyhound Rural Connection Program. SCAT served as a bus depot in Malvern and CADC received reimbursement for facilitating the movement of its passengers in Clark County. SCAT personnel were instrumental in developing the Arkansas Transit Association.

Our Mission
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