CADC Early Head Start/Head Start/Arkansas Better Chance is
a comprehensive early education program for children from at-risk
backgrounds from birth to age 5. From early math and reading skills  to confidence and resilience, CADC EHS/HS/ABC helps children build the abilities they need to be successful in school and life.
CADC EHS/HS/ABC recognizes the role of parents as their child’s first and lifelong educators and engages parents as equal partners.

Covid-19 Response

On April 6, 2020, Arkansas Governor Asa Hutchinson announced that there would be no more on-site instruction in Arkansas schools for the remainder of the current school year. Governor Hutchinson stated that all schools for the remainder of this school year would be distance learning as CADC EHS/HS/ABC has been doing since March 13, 2020.   

Therefore, the Central Arkansas Development Council Early Head Start/Head Start/Arkansas Better Chance (CADC EHS/HS/ABC) program will continue to do outreach to our children and families through the following methods.


CADC EHS/HS/ABC full-time employees will work:

Remotely to continue to make daily/ weekly/bi-weekly (as needed on a consistent basis) phone calls and/or other forms of contact such as email;  to parents and legal guardians of enrolled children in order to touch base with them during times of closure to check on the student’s well-being and family well-being, assist with needed resources, etc.

Remotely use CADC social media and the CADC EHS/HS/ABC YouTube channel as tools to reach our children and families by having virtual classroom activities and lessons. CADC EHS/HS/ABC teachers will virtually instruct our students remotely.  CADC EHS/HS/ABC teachers will also utilize Arkansas AMI Learning Guides that have been developed to support home-based instruction in association with the PBS educational television programs to promote activities that students and families may use to practice existing skills, learn new topics, and interact with one another in a meaningful way.  The Arkansas PBS link is: https://www.myarkansaspbs.org/arkansasami/k-2

CADC EHS/HS/ABC teachers will click on the orange boxes underneath the video, you will find materials for students, including children with disabilities and materials for teachers.  Arkansas Better Chance and several Arkansas public school districts are utilizing Arkansas PBS with their students.

Remotely to conduct Parent-Teacher Conferences/Home Visits will be conducted over the phone or virtually through FaceTime or other IT methods of choice with parents and legal guardians of enrolled children.

Remotely conduct Policy Council Meetings and other advisory committee meetings virtually or by mail-out voting, options to meet funding source requirements.

  • To continue to do outreach to our children and families on a weekly basis, if not more frequently depending on the needs of our families.

  • To continue to engage families and check on their well-being to see if they are in need of resources in order to meet the needs of the children and families.

To participate in the alternative method of instruction, you can visit the CADC Early Head Start/Head Start/ABC YouTube page by visiting   https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCzWFeH4Yi6zwp9mTVTZEpPA/playlists

CADC EHS/Head Start/ABC Online Learning

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