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Weatherization Facts

On average, households save $238 annually in energy costs by weatherizing their homes, lowering their energy burden.

Not only does Weatherizing your home save you money, it also improves your health. Weatherization has been show to reduce the symptoms of asthma by 11.8%.

Weatherization doesn't only help consumers lower their energy burden, but also helps to lower the cost of out-of-pocket medical expenses for weatherized households, helping families and individuals save, on average, $514 per year in out-of-pocket medical expenses. 

*Information gathered from US Department of Energy*

What is Weatherization?

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The Weatherization Assistance Program (WAP) is designed to make homes more energy-efficient and safe.​

The program is a proven method of reducing high-energy costs and conserving energy in the home. Households can receive attic and wall insulation, weather-stripping of doors and windows, caulking and sealing cracks and holes, storm window installation, furnace retrofitting, and other measures to reduce home energy consumption.

Qualifying For Weatherization

In order to get your home weatherized, you do have to qualify for the program. But, who exactly qualifies for weatherization?

Like many CADC programs, in order to qualify for weatherization, you can't exceed the set income limits. Click here to check the income chart to see if your household is eligible.

Other qualifiers include:

  • Applicant's home must be weatherization ready - (no roof leaks, electrical or plumbing problems, sewer leaks, etc.)

  • Home must be accessible - (must be able to get into each room.)

  • A computerized energy audit is run on each home to determine the measures to be installed on the home. Measures must be cost effective and allowable in accordance with Department of Energy (DOE) guidelines.

    • Windows, doors, heat systems are rarely recommended as cost effective.

  • Home cannot have been weatherized within the past 15 years - if it has been more than 15 years since your home has been weatherized, your home may qualify to be re-weatherized.

Download your application here.

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  • The Auditor that visits your home takes extensive notes but does NOT make decisions regarding weatherizing your home.

  • The Auditor's notes are entered into a statewide computer program. It prioritizes which measures will be installed in your home.

  • The computer system rarely includes windows and door replacements because they are not cost effective for the amount of energy they save.

  • The work on your house is performed by licensed and insured contractors who pass our high standards.

Applying for Weatherization

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Visit the Arkansas Energy Office for more information about Arkansas' Weatherization program.

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Click here to apply!

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722 Gaunt Street

Benton, AR 72018

(501) 776-8446

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